Allow Me To Entertain You

My name is Franklin Kendrick. Welcome to my website!

I’m the nerd you see jumping up and down in Hot Topic at the sight of Game of Thrones action figures. I’m also the guy carrying around a Captain America shield backpack and a handful of comic books.

I have more books than I can possibly fit on my shelves, and yet I still run out of things I’d like to read. When that happens, I write my own stories with all the cool things I wish I could find on the shelves. I also write movie reviews whenever I can. If I don’t put these things down on paper (or screen), I will probably go insane.

Check out the menu to the left to read excerpts of my work, get updates on my blog, and see some of my art! Two places you don’t want to shop with me: A book store, and an art supply store. Those are dedicated day trips!

You can join my Reader’s Group here!

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