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Orc Spawn Series

In the game of life, nobody asks to be an orc!

There’s just one thing stopping Tucker from getting into the game – and that’s funding. He can’t afford a copy of Wrath of the Ancients with his meager part-time job.

He’s in luck, though, because a mysterious man in black hands him a copy of the game – for free. The catch? This cartridge drops him physically into Acaedia where everything is real. Magic, monsters, you name it.

This would be a dream come true…if Tucker wasn’t spawned as an orc. How is he supposed to make it in a world where orcs are despised? He better figure that out quick, because the game’s difficulty has been switched up to maximum!

This story includes class selection, skill progression, stats, and a large open world with an overarching quest.


The Aberrant Series

The higher you climb, the farther you fall.

Powerless sixteen-year-old Shaun Boding is astonished when he escapes a pounding by blasting the school bully across the cafeteria. Was it super-heroics, or just sheer luck?

As more powers emerge, Shaun struggles to figure out where they come from. Isn’t puberty traumatic enough without superpowers? Did he really need to stand out even more? What’s worse – these powers are uncannily similar to those found in an extremely popular comic book.

While Shaun tests out his new abilities, a real-life supervillain emerges with his sights on the new superhero on the block. Superpowers are currency, and there’s only room for one god among men.

This villain is more powerful than anyone on the planet, and his objective is clear:

He won’t stop attacking until Shaun is dead.


Lockwood Tower

frankcoverfinal2 V5 Website

When a mysterious invitation arrives on the lonely shores of Peaks Isle, a family finds itself broken apart. For Garrett Dale, an orphaned orc raised by humans, the invitation signals a new way of life. But, change doesn’t come without trials.

Garrett is propelled outside his guarded community and into a world of arcane magic, landing at the elvish spell-caster’s academy. He hopes to tame the magic in his blood and prove that orcs can be trusted.

But, tensions are mounting in the north. The orc nation plans an attack on the elvish city of Lockwood, determined to become the reigning power in the land. When the orcs discover Garrett’s magical ability, he finds himself a pawn in a much greater game of nations. Can he free himself from prejudice and save his new family from destruction?

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The Shapleigh Hollow Series

This house is not your home.

On November 3rd, 1995, the Maxwell family fled their home, forsaking all belongings, never to return. A modest family of four, Clarissa and Harrison hoped to renovate the classic farmhouse on Gore Road as a place to raise their two sons, Jett and Sladen. However, the family was only able to withstand thirteen days in the house before they abandoned the property in terror.

Only three of them escaped with their lives.

Many of these events have never been made public until now. The family has been fearful of disclosing the specifics of their torment, lest the entity that threatened to entomb them in the house discover their whereabouts and continue its reign.

This is the first installment of the account of the Maxwell’s thirteen days.


Can You Survive? (Series)

These books are throwbacks to those gems of my childhood, the Choose Your Own Ending books. I loved these type of books so much that when I was in elementary school – and even through high school – I would write my own to entertain my siblings. For everyone who ever read one of these books to escape a long bus ride home from school, these bits of nostalgia is for you.

First is The Zombie Apocalypse wherein you are a cinema employee getting off his shift when a co-worker stumbles in. She looks completely out of it, and it’s not long before you realize that she’s infected with some sort of zombie virus and begins devouring patrons! Are you brave enough – and smart enough – to make it to the end of this tale alive?

Next in the series is The Zombie Cruise wherein you are thrilled to begin your Spring Break vacation on none other than the cruise ship The Megantic. It seems to be paradise, but of course, paradise will be lost when a virus breaks out on the ship and you must navigate the floating city in search of a lifeboat. Will you make it off safe and sound? Or will you be infected by the ravenous hordes of zombified passengers?


The One-Year eBook


Are you new to the eBook world? Wondering how I have published my books on Kindle? This how-to book is for you. I will take you step by step from idea to finished product on the Amazon storefront, giving you tips and pointers that I learned the hard way.


There are many more tales to come. Enjoy!


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