Robin Williams

Words cannot describe the sorrow that I felt when I heard that Robin Williams had left us. Countless other people have written tributes to such a talented comedian, so I will keep mine brief and personal.

I first remember Robin Williams from a very young age when I saw Aladdin on VHS (back in those days). I had the Genie action figure and dragged it everywhere. He was doubtless my favorite character from the film. From there, I saw practically every film he has been in. From Mrs. Doubtfire (which I can still quote to this day) to Jumanji and Patch Adams, even Bicentennial Man, Robin Williams was a part of my life. This was the gift that he gave to us all – laughter and also tears. It is devastating to know that with tears is the way that he parted this world.

I pray for his family during this incredibly unexpected and difficult time and also for his soul, wherever it may now be. No matter what anyone says, Mr. Williams, you will always be a prince to me.

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