48 Hour Film Project 2014

My team and I participated in this year’s 48 Hour Film Project and created a film from start to finish in only 48 hours. Four things that needed to be included in the 7 minute film that were not known to us ahead of time were our genre, a specific character, a prop, and a line of dialogue. I’ll list those below so that you know those elements when you see them.

Once I pulled the genre out of the hat (or in this case, a blond wig) I knew exactly what this film would be about. A mermaid stuck on dry land, of course! My group helped me to add story details as we wrote for the first few hours and then we filmed everything in one 15 hour chunk.

Editing was relatively easy once the audio was all synced up, but the real marathon came on Sunday when we rendered out our color effects and music. That took hours.

But, thankfully, it was all completed on time. For anyone who couldn’t make it to the screening, take a look! I hope you enjoy it, and please share this video with anyone and everyone you can!

Genre: Fish Out Of Water (A new one!)
Character: Donnie or Donna Melbrook, Realtor
Prop: A Cell Phone
Line of Dialogue: Sounds cool. Tell me more.

Check out our film and be sure to share it if you like it!


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