The Entity

As many of my colleagues know, I am a huge fan of horror. When experienced in the right setting, horror has the ability to terrify you and also make you laugh at yourself for becoming so scared.

I’ve been working on this project for a while now, and it’s time to pull the sheet off of it.

The Entity Episode One Cover

The Entity is my newest book series. Designed to be like a television program in literary form, each episode will have a self-contained story arc, with an overall arc leading to the finale. This is essentially my answer to having to wait long stretches of time between seasons of American Horror Story.

The plan is to have seven episodes with one being published every Monday from the middle of September through the end of October. I’ve been working hard to make this schedule do-able, and so far it looks like it will happen.

Plotting has been really fun. I have found that working on mini episodes is very different from writing a novel-length book, and the stories can be very compact while also very broad in scope when collected together.

But, what is this series about? Here is the synopsis.

This house is not your home.

On November 3rd, 1995, the Maxwell family fled their home, forsaking all belongings, never to return. A modest family of four, Clarissa and Harrison hoped to renovate the classic farmhouse on Gore Road as a place to raise their two sons, Jett and Sladen. However, the family was only able to withstand thirteen days in the house before they abandoned the property in terror.

Only three of them escaped with their lives.

Many of these events have never been made public until now. The family has been fearful of disclosing the specifics of their torment, lest the entity that threatened to entomb them in the house discover their whereabouts and continue its reign.

This is the first installment of the account of the Maxwell’s thirteen days.

Episode One: Pilot

Clarissa and Harrison tour the old farmhouse with their sons and discover that it is the site of a grisly murder. The boys explore and discover creepy items hidden in the attic. How did they get there and who put them there?

Starting today, the first episode of The Entity is available for pre-order on Amazon. This is my first-ever pre-order, and anyone who has been following the developments at KDP knows that the ability to have a pre-order button as an indie author is a dream come true – especially for me!

For those who like a good dose of horror in the fall months, I hope this lives up to your expectations. I know my Kindle will be loaded up on a bunch of horror once the leaves start to turn at the beginning of September. More news on the series to come, but for now, enjoy the synopsis and check back for an excerpt closer to publication!


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