Hot New Release – The Entity

This is pretty cool, so I had to share it here. I was checking on my books on Amazon (what self-pubbed author can resist the call of near-instant updates on their account?) and noticed that my upcoming release, The Entity, is on the Hot New Releases list for Horror-Comedy. Check it out in the screen grab below!

2014-08-25 Hot New Releases

I have to say that the other authors I’ve seen on the Horror-Comedy list are extremely talented. We may have a warped sense of humor sometimes, but it takes a lot of skill to scare people and also make them laugh at the same time – and continue to make the monster genre fresh and exciting. I’m still working on my own skills! You can all be the judge of whether or not I’ve improved. I feel like I am improving little by little with each finished product.

Now, to get back to work on the second episode so that I don’t miss my dates for it!


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