A Sluggish Start To NaNoWriMo

It’s that time of year again – the time when all us daring writers decide that we are going to crank out a book of 50,000 words or more in thirty days. It just happens to be the same month that houses Thanksgiving and a plethora of Christmas prepping. But, no matter. It’s exciting, and as close to a sort of writing Olympics as we can get!

This year I am not in the same place as I was in 2013. Last year I was completely ready for NaNo, with my plot outline all set and a firm grasp on my characters and their story.

But, this year I am in a different position. I’m wrapping up the final two installments of my series, The Entity, which, while hopefully the longest of the series, will not equal 50,000 words all together. I’m aiming for 30,000 words with those last two, which will eventually be bundled into a nice paperback that I can give away for Christmas.

So, what about the remaining 20,000 words? Well, I have a new idea that would involve some Epic Fantasy, though I’ve been dragging my feet on starting it. I’m hoping that I can start that and then transition into it once The Entity is finished. After all, 50,000 words is 50,000 words.

For all those who are like me, a little stuck, don’t worry – and don’t panic! All it took to get me back on track was to do a quick outline of all my chapters in Episode Five of my series and I was off and running. The same will have to be done for Episode Six, and then my untitled fantasy (or creature feature…whichever strikes me more once I get to that point!). At the very least, the experience will hopefully help with making a writing habit part of your daily routine. I’m determined to make it there myself!

Good luck everybody! Now time to sit down and write some exorcism scenes…


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