Welcome To Jurassic World

No introductions are needed. Universal Studios just released the trailer for Jurassic World a full two days ahead of schedule and surprised me immensely. This looks fantastic. I’ve been waiting for this movie for over ten years, so you can bet that I will be there at midnight when this comes out. Check it out!

There are so many pluses for this movie as far as I’m concerned. First and foremost is the cast. Bryce Dallas Howard is one of the best actresses in films today, and I can say that I’ve loved her in everything she’s done. Is she a descendent of John Hammond in this? I’ll have to wait to find out. Also, the obvious Chris Pratt. I remember when he was on Everwood, one of my friends in college had a signed photo of him on her shelf. What a long way he’s come, and what awesome movies he’s made since his television days. Then there’s Ty Simpkins, known by me mostly as Dalton from Insidious. And then the dinosaurs.

I’m also anxious to hear the score from Michael Giacchino, the greatest composer since John Williams. I was curious to see who would take the reigns since Williams has his hands full with the new Star Wars, and I am thrilled to know that the score is in good hands.

I will be first in line to ride one of those gyro-spheres through the herd of brachiosaur, and I will be the first to run at any sign of systems failing all over the park.


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