The Year In Trailers

I thank God for movies a lot of the time. Movies are such an incredible form of entertainment. Yes, there are plenty of books that I’ve been sucked into this year (ASOIF, here’s looking at you!) but, movies hold a special place in my heart. For those who don’t know, I work at a movie theater on the weekends. I have for the past six years. Before then, I would see maybe a few movies a year in cinemas and then rent the rest back when there was a Blockbuster in town.

Now, I get to see a lot more in cinemas mainly because I am there, in the middle of the business of movies. I see a lot of trailers, and those are a form of art that is unlike any other. A trailer for a movie (or even some television shows) aims to simplify an entire hour to two-hour visual and audible experience into a mere two minutes or less. That’s not an easy task, but I can say that many trailers accomplish this exact feat.

I’ll probably post another entry when (and if) Gen IP posts her year-in-film compilation. (I highly suggest that you check out her entry for 2010, her best in my opinion. I’ll post it at the bottom of this entry.) But, for now, here is a compilation of all the trailer moments from 2014. I loved this video, and it makes me anxious for many of the films that are coming out next year.



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