The Entity – Episode Six Excerpt

As promised, here is an exclusive excerpt from the last episode in my series, The Entity. I hope you enjoy it!

He started down the stone steps, trying to be as quiet as possible. Then a stupid thought crossed his mind.

Why was he worried about being quiet? This was a crypt. Where would anyone go if there was someone down there?

Nowhere, Harrison decided, since he was standing in the only path to the exit.

He took another step down, and then called out.


His voice echoed down the stone staircase. But, nobody answered him.

He continued down the stairs, making it about halfway.

“If there’s anyone down there, you’re cornered!”

Suddenly the light at the bottom of the stairs flickered out and Harrison found himself cast in inky darkness. The only light now was coming from the top of the stairs, and that was rapidly fading as the sun set.

He nearly lost his footing on the stairs, but he reached out and braced himself against the wall, managing to save himself.

He pulled out his lighter and flicked it on.

As he neared the bottom, something scampered about, then abruptly stopped.

Was it an animal? It didn’t sound human to Harrison.

He got to the bottom of the stairs and held out his lighter, trying to make the light reach the entire room. But, there were so many shadows that he would have to move around in the room to see if there was anyone hiding.

He spoke once more, his words seeming to suck all the air out of the room.

“There’s nowhere to run. Show yourself.”

Then he felt it.

Something slimy and wet dripped down onto him, landing on his ear and the side of his face.

He reached up a hand and groaned in disgust as he wiped at the substance. What was it? It was thicker than water.

As he tilted his head back to look at the ceiling, his eyes widened and he jumped back at what he saw.

Nancy, with her clothes all torn and her face dirty, was lying on the ceiling above him. She had her back flat against the concrete ceiling and her arms and legs were spread out like spider’s legs, her fingers stretched as far as they would go, almost like talons. Her hair was all tangled and some of it fell in front of her face. But, no matter what, it was her eyes, wide and menacing, that had Harrison paralyzed in fright.

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