The Entity – Omnibus Edition

Available today on Amazon, you can own the entire Entity series in one deluxe omnibus volume. Here are the links for the US version and UK version. Here is the cover and series teaser:

Entity Omnibus Website

This house is not your home.

On November 3rd, 1995, the Maxwell family fled their home, forsaking all belongings, never to return. A modest family of four, Clarissa and Harrison hoped to renovate the classic farmhouse on Gore Road as a place to raise their two sons, Jett and Sladen. However, the family was only able to withstand thirteen days in the house before they abandoned the property in terror.

Only three of them escaped with their lives.

Many of these events have never been made public until now. The family has been fearful of disclosing the specifics of their torment, lest the entity that threatened to entomb them in the house discover their whereabouts and continue its reign.

This is the complete account of the Maxwell’s thirteen days.

Includes Episodes One through Six, and an exclusive excerpt from “A Haunting On Commercial Street”.

Approx. 83,700 words.

Hope you enjoy!


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