Regrouping and Assessing

I’ve been silent for a few weeks in regards to my writing projects, and thought that now would be a good time to throw out an update since the holiday is over and the warmer weather has gotten my writing muse in gear.

I’ve been working on two projects lately. As you might have guessed, the first one is continuing on with The Spectre, which is halfway to the finale. A lot of energy has been used to get the outline for episode three properly outlined so that the writing will hopefully happen smoothly.

However, I’ve taken a brief break from horror in the past week or so to dabble in the epic fantasy realm. No real details on this project yet, but it’s been refreshing to work in a different genre, especially one that I love to read. Fantasy is no small task when it comes to story crafting, and I’ve been simultaneously cranking out an outline and also gathering bits and pieces of information for a magic system and the surrounding world. Surprisingly, the map was the easiest part – and it’s come in the most handy on my iPad as I type out different scenes. This story seems promising, and I hope that in the coming months I will have more information about it as well as a great cover design. A few of those are floating in my head…

So, if you are one of the readers waiting for new Spectre episodes, thank-you so much for your patience with me. The rest of the story will be coming, I promise! As a tease, there may be an appearance by a bit character in The Entity who ends up being a lot more important than originally thought.

There you have it!

I hope you’re having a great start of spring, and I look forward to posting more as I write more of my stories, and of course, review the upcoming blockbusters. (Here’s looking at you, Age of Ultron and Jurassic World!)


4 thoughts on “Regrouping and Assessing

  1. I love that you’re working on an epic fantasy piece. I’m excited to see how it develops for you and to hear more about your progress.
    I found a trick a few months ago! Take pictures of melting snow to make new maps! I did this a few times when I saw a snow formations against the pavement that looked interesting in my office parking lot. I’m going to use one of them for my next project that needs a map.
    Oh! and while you’re reviewing, check this out:
    I bet you could help fill this out since you do a lot of analytic work.


    1. Thanks, Jim! That is a fantastic resource. I was actually reading through “Structuring Your Novel” last night while I did some outlining. Really helpful! I am getting a much better view of the big picture each time I work on it. I am a really big fan of seeing the breakdown of films and movies into plot structure. That’s been the most helpful.

      I like the melting snow idea. That’s completely organic. Fantasy seems like the genre where anything can feed into it. I’m really enjoying the freedom and coming up with the magic system and political world. 🙂


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