Books That Need A Second Chance

If you’re a semi-avid reader like me, you know how cluttered a personal library can become. I’m notorious for buying up a bunch of books that I intend to read and then let them languish on my shelves for months and sometimes years. However, every once in a while I look up at a particular book that begs to be started again and given a second chance.

One of those books right now for me is Eragon. This book was given to me many years ago by my brother who read it and loved it. I remember that Christmas I sat by the fire and got about halfway through the book before having to head back to college. I tried to finish it – truly, but for whatever reason, this book got stacked back on my shelf and forgotten.

Now I have the second book in the series sitting beside the first, and I desperately want to get to that second book. So, I had to pick up Eragon once more and give it a shot.

I have to say that Christopher Paolini’s writing voice has come to grow on me. It’s a little superficial, but that what I expect from a book that was written by someone in school who is still trying to figure out what their writing voice should sound like. Thank goodness only my family has seen my earliest work! It sounds absolutely nothing like what I write now.

So, I have started this book anew, and I’m enjoying the journey and looking forward to getting to book two. It’s amazing what a few years of life can do to change the way you experience a story.

Do you have any books that you’ve started and never finished? Have they called you back and begged for a second chance?


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