Top 5 Most Anticipated Summer Movies

Even though Avengers: Age of Ultron is already here, I still have a list of my top five most anticipated summer movies. They are a mixed bag of things, and I have high hopes for each of them. Without further ado, here they are!

#5 – Poltergeist

Summer is a time for thrilling horror films, and I think this modernized remake to an already terrifying and memorable masterpiece will be chilling and a perfect excuse to sit in a dark, air conditioned room and be scared out of my wits. I also love Sam Rockwell and am anxious to see how he does in this.

#4 – Insidious: Chapter 3

Another horror movie, and a continuation of one of my favorite franchises – Insidious: Chapter 3 should flesh out the beginning of the film series by taking us back to an earlier haunting, and the start of horrible things luring our sleeping minds into The Further.

#3 – Mad Max: Fury Road

I haven’t seen the first three Mad Max films, but this looks like a flat-out spectacle. Sometimes we go to the movies for a brilliant story and well fleshed out characters. Other times we go simply to see some car stunts. This will be one of the latter times for me!

#2 – Minions

Another sequel. Alright, alright. Sometimes I want more of what I love. And I loved the first two Despicable Me films. I even loved their trailers! This is another one of those cases. I keep saying that Fox should do a film based on the Scrat character from Ice Age since he’s so hilarious. Looks like Illumine Entertainment is jumping on the idea for their own comedic characters, the Minions. I’ll be first in line to see this film!

#1 – Jurassic World

Last but not least is Jurassic World. I’ve been waiting for this film since JP3 hit DVD, and I really hope it manages to capture the awe of attractions and the terror of dinosaurs escaping to eat you alive. Since this film gets Spielberg’s blessing, I am anxiously awaiting it. It also doesn’t hurt that Chris Pratt is in it. He’s one of my favorite actors right now.

So, there you have it. My top five most anticipated films. Which ones are you waiting to see the most?


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