Garrett Dale – Character Drawing

Inspiration struck again this past weekend and I took a break from typing to pull out my colored pencils and do a drawing of my main character, Garrett Dale. His arms are a little wonky (I’m going to hopefully be getting an app that allows me to pose my figures to get the dimensions just right) but, the color came out close to what I envisioned.

Garrett Dale

Just turned sixteen, Garrett is an outcast, an orc living with his adoptive family after a disaster sets him on their doorstep. What adventures await him, and what does fate have in store for his future? That all remains to be revealed later. But, for now I hope you enjoy his drawing.

Progress on the first draft is returning to its normal speed after a busy work week at my day job last week. My brain was a little overloaded with details, but a night at the movies and a good book yesterday recharged me and the ideas are flowing again. I’m trying to capture some humor in many of my scenes, and I hope this works out well. I like my fantasy with a dash of laughter!


2 thoughts on “Garrett Dale – Character Drawing

  1. This is awesome. It’s cool that you’re writing a story in a world with so many different races. The idea of an adopted orc sounds pretty interesting and unique!


    1. I was really drawn to this character from the start. He wasn’t letting go, so that’s when I finally started paying real attention to him. 🙂 Thanks for the compliment, Jim! I’ve been filling my notebook with info on each of the races and what their cultures are like. It’s been really fun!


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