Allagash Map Reveal

I have been silent on the blog for a little bit, but that’s because I’ve made some great progress on my epic fantasy book in the last couple weeks. I finally hit a personal milestone and passed 55,000 words! Going by my estimates, I have another 15-20,000 words to go depending on how long the rest of the chapters on my outline end up being.

Then it will be time for editing, which will be a lot of fun but meticulous. And maybe a few interior illustrations. I may just go all out on this one because I’ve enjoyed it so much.

To mark the occasion, I present the map of Allagash, the world where my fantasy takes place. I had a fun time collecting names from all over the place, and even doing some local research to begin building my world and its cultures, trade ports, and even politics. Much more on that later on, but for now, I hope you like the map!

Allagash Interior Version


2 thoughts on “Allagash Map Reveal

    1. Thanks! I should have a sample chapter done pretty soon. Not sure if I should go with my Prologue or a different one. The prologue is essential to setting up the main story, but my protagonist is not very prominent in it.


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