The Best-Laid Plans

What does your writing list look like?


While trying to go paperless (it’s a wonderful thing, trust me!) I stumbled across a folded piece of paper that ended up being a to-do list of writing projects from back in 2015. I’m assuming that I started the list in December of 2014, so this is a pretty good snapshot of writing projects I hoped to get done in a year.

Needless to say, I am way behind. But, the list is a good look into where my determination is heading me.

Some of these projects are finished now and waiting to be published. Notable on this list is “Super Guy – Book One” which ended up being titled Super Charged. That one, thankfully, goes on sale on Tuesday complete with a paperback edition.

Others I finished earlier this year, looking at “The Orc Prince/Lockwood Tower.” That one took a lot longer to finish up and was published in June this year.

I’m still chugging away on other books on this list. “Super Guy – Book Two” is actively in development, as is a sequel of sorts to “The Entity” which is proving to be a fun excursion from all the fantasy. I love me some horror novels.

The key to making a list of projects is to use it as a road map for success. I could be discouraged that all of these titles are not finished right this moment – or even back in 2015. But, I don’t let this list discourage me.

This list is pushing me forward onto new projects. Not all of these projects will be made. Some were started and then abandoned because of lost interest on my part or my readers part. But, there are also book ideas not on this list that have appeared over time as I experience more of my daily life.

Writing is always exciting like that. You never know when the next idea will strike, or what it will be.

Bringing this list back to my idea of going paperless, I have converted these items into a Google Doc spreadsheet. Voila!


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