Draft 1 Of Super Villain Is Complete!

Last night I finished up the final chapter of Super Villain. It took a lot of energy to get to this point, and I hope that this finale of my first true trilogy lives up to expectations!

For all the little errors that need to be combed out…well, that’s what a second draft is for! I generally read through the entire manuscript once it’s complete and make sure that there are no glaring errors or any spelling mistakes. Once that read-through is done I will be passing the book off to some beta readers who will give me some feedback.

Once I address that feedback, it will be processing for publication and then uploading to the Kindle Store, as well as Createspace for the paperback.

I don’t have a hard publication date yet, but I am estimating early June. Mostly everything is finished with just some fine tuning to do.

Thank-you very much to everyone who has supported the series so far. I am super appreciative! (See what I did there?)

Stay tuned for more news in the very near future!


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