A New Beginning

Life rarely goes according to plan. I’ve always known this, yet the rollercoaster of life always seems to pull the carpet out unexpectedly anyway. Such has happened when it comes to my living arrangements, and it strikes me as a funny coincidence that the characters in The Entity are also subject to a similar turn of events as they discover a sinister force living in their new home.

Does art imitate life in this case? Or is it the other way around?

Whatever the case may be, I am surrounded by boxes of belongings and the glorious smell of fresh paint as the clock counts down to the release of Episode One of The Entity. I’m nervous and excited for this journey to be started.

To those who are embarking on this, the first part of a descent into very scary territory for me, I thank you. Hopefully you are chilled by the haunting on Gore Road. Some aspects of the story are based on first-hand accounts of ghostly encounters that friends have had. You never truly know the complete history of an old Maine home.

At any rate, here’s to a great start of autumn – my favorite time of year.


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