What Inspires You? – Horror

Today I read the bittersweet news that the next Paranormal Activity movie was to be delayed until next spring. Normally this franchise released a new film every October, and I have to say that this particular tentpole was something that I looked forward to every year. However, anyone familiar with the franchise knows that the fourth installment was a stinker through and through, and that was two years ago. Since then it has been slim pickings at the movies whenever October rolls around.

Since I am on a horror kick with my latest series, I thought I would share some of my favorite horror trailers. I am a fan of theatrical trailers and sometimes love them even more than the movies themselves. Specifically when it comes to trailers for horror movies, they can pack a punch that brings me back again and again.

In no particular order, here are a few of my favorite horror movie trailers.

A good horror movie and story is like a roller coaster. It starts off slow and brings you up to the top of the first hill, and then once you are over the edge, there is no going back. You are at the ride’s mercy. I’m hoping to capture some of that energy in my own storytelling. There will be many rewatchings of my favorite horror movies while I wait for new ones to come out!


3 thoughts on “What Inspires You? – Horror

    1. It was definitely creepy, but I agree, confusing. I wanted more straight-forward answers. I kept wondering if the little kid was actually the kidnapped baby from the original film, or just some random other child. I also didn’t like how obvious some of the scares were. The third film, with the oscillating fan, was definitely the scariest one for me. 🙂


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