The Spectre: Episode One – Excerpt

With just a week to go until Episode One of The Spectre goes live, I thought I’d post a small excerpt from the book. As an explanation, this story is a sequel of sorts to The Entity. However, there are no clowns, possessions, or cemeteries. This is a different ghost story altogether. I hope that those who check it out enjoy it!

The Spectre Entity 2 WEBSITE

Without any further ado, here is the excerpt:

“I wish you would reconsider.”
The young housemaid reached out and took James by the arm. Her grip was very firm and James was surprised by the sincerity on her face.
Even though he did stop halfway up the staircase, lit by ornate gas lamps, James was not a child. He had no intentions of being told what to do – by a maid, no less – so he pulled his arm away to smooth out the wrinkles in his jacket.
“And why should I reconsider?” he asked. “A room is just a room after all.”
“Not this room, sir,” the maid replied. Her eyes were wide as she looked past him to the second floor landing above them. “If you would stay downstairs for just a few minutes, I can explain to your satisfaction.”
There was a long pause. James was restless and his feet were sore from walking most of the day. He wanted to rest and he was ready to push aside anyone and anything that stepped in his way.
But, the maid spoke one last time, her eyes pleading.
“Please, Mr. Stinson.”
With a sigh, James relaxed his shoulders and came back down the staircase.
“Fine,” he said as he followed the maid into the sitting room. “But, this better be good, Miss -?”
“Briony, sir,” the maid replied as she went about preparing some hot tea. “Just Briony, if you please. And I wouldn’t call the story good, per say.”
She returned with two cups of tea and handed one to James who blew the steam away from the fragrant drink.
“I expect an entertaining story either way,” he said, “since it’s keeping me from my sleep.”
A smile tugged at Briony’s lips as she swirled her tea with a spoon.
“If your plan is to stay in the attic room, as I believe it is, then I will say that you won’t get much sleep anyway – or at all.”
“Why is that?” James set his cup down on the table between them.
“Because that room is cursed, sir.”


What is waiting for James up in the attic room? You’ll have to read the book to find out.

As far as progress goes, I’m nearly finished with the second episode. There are just a few smaller chapters to finish, and then that one will be getting a cover and formatting. I hope to have the rest of the series completed a few weeks apart, or sooner if possible.

If you’re worried about reading the story in installments, you can always wait for the box set to be released further down the road. For those using their Kindle Unlimited membership, as I did with The Entity, every episode of The Spectre will be available for your browsing pleasure.

Stay tuned for more as we get closer to March 3rd!


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