Phenomenal Fan Films

In the past day, I’ve stumbled across two very fantastic fan films connected to two of my childhood franchises. Seeing the attention to detail, artistic flair, and all-around great acting in these pieces, it makes me question why Hollywood can’t bring us some films like these?

The answer is simple once I think about it. No amount of studio money or corporate hierarchy can replace the dedication of a fandom. These films are labors of love with no monetary gain. Perhaps that is the secret ingredient that sets them apart from all the reboots and cynical cash grabs we’re seeing at the cinemas these days.

So, what are these films? Check them out below.

The first one is a phenomenal Power Rangers film that had me giddy in my seat. Just check out the star talent that was able to be enlisted for this one. It truly is remarkable, and the view counter keeps going up and up.

Not exactly for the kiddies, but for those of us who grew up with the Power Rangers, it’s more than appropriate.

The second video is a love letter to Dragon Ball Z. I wish with all of my heart that 20th Century Fox had realized what they had before they threw together that slap-dash production called Evolution. It was clear that the people in charge of the production had never seen a single episode of the masterful television show that kept kids like me glued to their couches every weeknight at 5:30. Could any film have lived up to the legacy of Toriyama’s classic series? The answer is yes, if the filmmakers had even tried.

This group of independent filmmakers have succeeded in bringing a tear to my eye. Gohan is cast perfectly, and Trunks, my favorite character in the entire pantheon, is just as brooding and headstrong as his father. Give it a watch, and keep your fingers crossed that we will indeed get more films like this in the future. If Fox still owns the rights, I hope that they take note and realize that while they’re chasing X-Men all over the place, they have another hot property in their house – and that involved a band of Japanese superheroes who save the planet from foes that are more legendary than any B or C level Marvel creation.

So, are these sort of projects too much to ask of the big studios? I think not. We may never see either property get the justice they deserve on the silver screen, but at least we can trust the fans to give us what we want, albeit in smaller doses. Though they may be shorter in run time, those chunks of nostalgia are more savory than any reboot in recent memory.


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