Draft Day

Today is a monumental and exhausting day for me, and one that I have been working towards since late last year.

My first draft of Lockwood Tower is complete!


For me it is a great moment to celebrate, even though there is still a lot of revision to do. But, this manuscript is my longest to date, which is suitable for an epic fantasy. I absolutely promise that I did not add padding (one of my least favorite things in modern fantasy) though I recognize that this is all a matter of opinion.

The second draft will be tighter in the right chapters and more eloquent in others. There is a lot to learn on this book, and it’s exciting to have it all in one place to be judged as a whole organism.

More updates to come, including some awesome news about my cover. But, for now, there is a milestone met for me.

Happy Wednesday to you!


2 thoughts on “Draft Day

  1. This is awesome!
    Speaking from experience: epic fantasy can easily spiral out of control. I’m constantly reigning my own back in with a: “stop trying to get more complicated! stop it!”

    Happy revisions!


    1. There were a few times that the story tried to expand, but I am learning to be diligent with my outlines and sticking to the plan. Anything extra can go in future books, so it’s a win-win hopefully! Thanks for the support, Jim! It’s always appreciated!


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