The Editing Phase

Amidst all my excitement on learning dictation, I am still in the middle of another tumultuous and enlightening phase of my writing journey – the editing phase.

It is hard to put a draft aside for as long as I did, which was roughly a month. In the world of indie publishing, a month is like a death sentence. But, now I am looking at my draft with fresh eyes and the revision is so much more enjoyable.

This is the point where I already know the characters enough to smooth out all the discovery pieces peppered throughout the book. Those are the sections of prose where a character was just starting to emerge and their words and actions don’t align with their ultimate final characterisation.

Lionel is one such character I am going through this process with right now. He is easily one of my favorites, but his early chapters definitely need some work. A little tweak to his dialogue here, a change of secondary action there, and voila – a revised moment.

In this fast paced world of self publishing, it is easy to get caught up in all the hoopla. However, I find it gratifying to enjoy the process above all else. There is plenty of time for marketing and all that jazz later!


2 thoughts on “The Editing Phase

  1. It’s better to fail at something mean than win at something you don’t. Take your time if you need it. The people who love your stories will remember how great they are, not how quickly you released them.

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