Super Charged Cover Reveal

I’ve been secretly working away on a new project, mostly testing out my speed. I can say that I am getting faster at completing drafts, and this new book was a blast to write.

Super Charged, the first book in The Aberrant Trilogy, is now available for pre-order. Check out the cover below!


A little bit of backstory on this one:

I worked on this story-world in middle school and all the way through college, mostly for fun. But, I always wanted to publish a trilogy for these characters. Super Charged has gone through many (many) iterations and drafts, and finally I have found my flow and the coherent plot that I desired.

I may post a few scans from very early versions of this story, back when I typed things out on my Smith Corona electronic typewriter. They could be fun to check out if you like to see the progression of fiction writing. I have definitely become a better writer over the years, and this book is proof that if you put your butt in the chair and plan just a little bit, you can have a book in roughly a month and change.

I outlined this book for about four days, starting on June 6th, and finished everything up on July 16th. Not too shabby. This is also my first published book where I use the first person POV, which was very enjoyable to write. I might use it more in the future.

Anyway, that’s the cool news. If you want to support the release, be sure to pre-order Super Charged for the low-as-it-can-be price of $0.99. This price will go up at launch to probably $2.99, so get it while it’s cheap and enjoy an August read!

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