The Ghosts Are Waking Up…

With August dying down, I find myself both reading and writing more horror. It’s my first true love, with superheroes coming in a very close second. I love to check out campfire stories and other ghostly legends at the end of summer so that it gives me food for thought as the fall approaches.

Last year I didn’t get out a ghost story in time for Halloween, but this year I hope to change that. An outline has hooked me and refuses to let go of my imagination.

Many people have read The Entity, and a few have probably noticed that plans for a sequel series titled The Spectre materialized and then quickly disappeared. This was because the story faltered and I didn’t like where it was headed, even though I outlined the heck out of it.

After a lot of research and some brainstorming, I think I have a worthy successor to The Entity lined up. It isn’t too far from my original sequel idea, but this one is much more sinister for my unsuspecting characters. No other info than that for now, but I am drafting, which feels very good.

What is it about a haunted house or property that gets my imagination to run wild? The possibilities are endless, and I hope that the tale I spin will unsettle you in the dark of night.

More news to come on this project as the leaves begin to change. Stay tuned!

Any favorite ghost stories that you’ve read?


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