3 Days Left!

Just a reminder that if you haven’t entered my Goodreads giveaway for the paperback edition of Super Charged, you can do so here:


Be sure to act fast! There are only three days left – yes, I repeat – three days left to enter for a chance to win a signed proof copy of the book. What are you waiting for? Go on and enter!

Good luck to all who entered so far, and thank-you for adding the book to your “to-read” lists!

In related news, I’m still awaiting some reviews for the Kindle edition. If you’ve purchased the book and enjoyed it, or even if you didn’t, I’d love to hear from you! Post a review over on Amazon. You might help another reader find their next read! (I am a voracious reader of customer reviews on the Zon for books and everything else. Call me a nerd. I certainly am one!)

Also, progress continues to move forward on two new projects. One is the sequel to Super Charged, which is very exciting to write. The other is a mystery project that I hope is finished in the coming months as well.

Alright, enough of the promotion. It’s time to grab a glass of apple cider and enjoy some ghost stories.

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