Some Old Super Guy Writing

Happy New Year!

I promised to post some old writing that I did in the Super Guy universe, so I’m making good on that promise!

These pages were written back when I was in college, probably in 2007-08. I was still using my old typewriter because it felt good to hear the sounds it made. Of course, I would end up typing the pages a second time into the computer, but using that old Smith-Corona got rid of all the distractions that my laptop presented. All it could do was type, and that was just fine with me.

This chapter was from a very old draft of what was going to be the first book in the series about Shaun, back then titled The First Battle. The Vestige was called The Spirit Charm back then, and Jeff Boding was still alive.

That’s all the introduction you really need. The chapter is now a curiosity piece, and posting it here gives it a new life instead of just languishing in my filing boxes. I hope you enjoy, and look for more news regarding Super Vision very soon!







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