At Last, Super Invasion Is Here!

Some exciting news for any of you fans of my Aberrant series. The fourth entry is finally available in digital on Amazon!

This has been a long time coming, and at the same time feels like a spur of the moment event. The long part is that this novel went through two different iterations. I got halfway done writing it and decided that the plot wasn’t working, so that got scrapped. The spur of the moment part is that the manuscript is one of the ones that I completed in quarantine about a month ago.

Now it’s ready for the world, and I hope that it can provide the kind of escapism that you are looking for. It certainly has been a story that got me through many days trapped in my dining room!

Here’s the short blurb if you’re interested in what this fourth entry is all about!

They cannot be killed. They cannot be reasoned with. They aren’t from this planet!

Shaun and Mae are enjoying their post-graduate lives when an unidentified spacecraft crashes into Boston harbor. It doesn’t take long to figure out that the beings piloting the craft are less than friendly.

Things get worse when Shaun discovers that these aliens are here to enslave anyone with superpowers, and they will kill as many ordinary people as possible to weed them out. Traditional weapons are useless against the menace, and even superpowers are coming up short.

Yet there may still be hope. If Shaun and Mae can stay out of the spotlight long enough to formulate a plan, maybe humanity can be saved. It’s a big if. The longer they hide, the more humanity suffers.

It’s just a matter of time before the destruction is brought home, and there is no going back.

You’ll have to check it out if you want to find out more! It’s available here for instant download to your Kindle or phone, or however you love to read. It’s a beautiful day here, so I am going to continue reading a few other books myself. It’s that kind of day.

I hope you are all doing well and staying safe! Onward to many more stories!


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