May Superhero eBook Sale!


Hey peeps. How are you all holding up out there?

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been really feeling the withdrawal of being able to go out to the local shops and pick up your geek stuff on the regular. One of my favorite places finally was able to start doing curbside pickup for books and video games. Feels like forever!

In the interim, I’ve been collecting more digital content, such as eBooks and indie games. As it happens, myself and a bunch of superhero writers have a promo going on for those looking to add to their libraries during this extended lock down, where you can get a pretty awesome batch of superhero fiction for only a dollar per title.


Pretty snazzy, eh?

I’ve gone all-out and discounted all three books in my Aberrant trilogy, so if you were on the fence for the sequels, now’s the time to grab them. The last huge discount I did on these titles was almost exactly a year ago, so don’t miss your chance! Digital books go really great with your morning coffee after all. Wink wink, nudge nudge. And you don’t even have to leave your house!

Not only will you be getting some awesome reads from a few heavy-hitters in the genre, but you’ll also be helping out some authors during this uncertain time. And in exchange we will transport you to a different world for a few hours (depending on how fast you read!).

I sincerely hope that you are all safe out there, getting what you need. If you are feeling the itch for some nerdy talk, go check out the Superhero-Fiction Youtube Channel. It’s run by Remy Flagg and Trish Heinrich, and I’ve joined in on some virtual writing sessions over there. Great fun talking shop and superhero pop culture, and when they stream live, you can submit questions and comments that could get read and discussed “on the air” in between writing sessions.

So, in closing, there’s lots of stuff happening to get us all through this crazy time. You all stay safe out there, and I’ll post again soon! (I’m about 90% done the draft of my next Aberrant book, at last, so time to fill in the gaps!)


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