Orc Spawn Super Sale

This one is a quickie.

If you are looking for some cheap reads, both books in my Orc Spawn series are on sale for the rest of the week. I also had no idea that this would line up with Prime Day, so woot!

In short, you can get both books for $1.98. That’s almost 900 pages of litRPG goodness, and you’ll be all up to speed for when book three arrives…which will be sometime in the future. (NaNoWriMo is coming up, so maybe I’ll get a bunch done on it!)

Grab them here if you are so inclined.

A reminder that if you want any free content, check out my podcast Behind the Mask on Youtube or wherever you listen to podcasts. The superhero authors I’ve chatted with are all fantastic, and my TBR pile has only grown from all the worlds I’ve been introduced to.

I think that’s enough for now. Stay safe, and I’ll keep on typing!


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