Who Loves eBook Sales? (This Guy)

Hello everyone out there in the world! It’s been a hot minute since I posted anything here. Things may have looked quiet, but trust me, there’s always a lot happening.

One of the cool things I wanted to let you all in on is that not just one, not just two, – not even three. All four of my Aberrant Series books are on a super sale for the next few days! You can grab them all for $0.99 each. I don’t do many sales, but this is the time of year that I always stock up on reading material for my eReaders.

Along with my own books, you can also check out a ton of other superhero authors – many of whom I’ve hosted on my Behind the Mask podcast – who have all teamed up to coordinate this epic sale. Always wanted to check out some of these excellent authors’ work, but didn’t know which one to buy? Well, you can get a bunch of them essentially for the price of one. Give them a shot! (I’ve read a handful of books by some of these folks, and believe me, they are perfect for that superhero itch. I have some new favorite characters!)

With all of that aside, I hope that all of you are having a great start of the holiday season. True, it’s not the same as it usually is because of…reasons. But, keep the faith and reach out to your loved ones in any way that you can. I am certainly going to do the same. Now that the turkey hangover is mostly done, it’s time to get back to reading and writing!


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