My First Video Interview

This one went under the radar, but the second “season” of my podcast, Behind the Mask, has officially begun. Since I’ve put many superhero authors in the hot seat, I decided that it was time I swapped spots and answered some questions about my own superhero books!

I’ll admit that I was a lot more comfortable being in front of the camera – and microphone – after all the practice I’ve had with everything being virtual for about a year. If you saw my one and only (now deleted) author video on my Youtube channel a few years back, I can definitely say I’ve come a long way with not looking terrified.

If you want to know some behind the scenes stuff about my superhero books (The Aberrant Series) and a little bit about me and my writing process, give the episode a listen or watch, depending on what you prefer. And if you like the format of the show, there is a nice backlog of interviews for you to binge.

There will be a lot more to come in future weeks and months, so check back to see what’s happening. With things still being a little dicey in the “real world”, we superhero authors have been putting our heads together to do a lot more virtually. Needless to say, what is being put together will be a really fun time!

Until then, stay safe, and all the best from me.


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