Day 1 – The Starting Line

Day 1 – NaNoWriMo 2017!

Happy November 1st! Today is the day! I can’t say I wasn’t tempted to start at midnight…but the need for sleep after a busy Halloween took over.

So, I got up super early for myself and began work on Super Dimension!

Okay, so I didn’t really start at the beginning. I tend to jump around in my story as I work on the first draft – and I also did some pre-writing on very early chapters a few weeks ago, though that pre-writing was in first person, present tense for the most part. I think I am changing things up on this book by doing everything in third person, limited POV. It has been a pleasure to write so far, and it also opens up the story for some tricks that I wasn’t able to pursue with my old POV.

Enough about the POV and technicalities. How did the writing go?!

I am actually very surprised. I’m not sure if it was adrenaline or the amount of stewing the story did in my mind this past week, but I hit the ground running as far as word count is concerned.

The start was slow, especially since I began immediately after getting out of bed, and also used Dragon Dictate. But, currently I have managed to type out 6,855 words! I beat my goal of 5,000 for the day, and I might try to hit 10,000 this evening after my night job.

What does this mean, story-wise? It means that I completed two chapters, and also another half-chapter so far. Looking back at my stats for past NaNo years, I have never been able to get this many words on the page on day one. Usually it’s a struggle to begin, so I think that all my outlining and meditating on plot really helped.

I really hope that I can keep up this pace and blast through my draft ahead of schedule. Time will tell.

Did I say that I went through an entire pot of coffee this morning? Woo-hoo!

Until tomorrow, happy typing, peeps!


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