Are We There Yet? – NaNo 2017 (Day 16)

Are You Quite Finished?

This is the part of the book that feels like work. Contrary to everyone else’s ideas on which part of a book is the most difficult to write, I find the ending to be such a lot of work that it’s not like riding a roller coaster at all. That is, unless you’re riding one where the breaks are on every five feet before you finally hit the bottom.

I know what the ending will be. I have all the groundwork laid out to get Shaun there. But, this is the time where I find it slow-going. I like everything to be lined up and add up to something epic in the end.

For wordcount, I am nearly at 40,000, with a total of 37,983 words so far.

Not bad! Definitely ahead of schedule (though I’m behind by my stretch goals quite a bit). I don’t think my brain was really ready for a sprint this long or this much.

I have found that taking some breaks has been very helpful. A few of my days were not big word counts, but I didn’t neglect them. Instead I tried to figure out where I was getting stopped in the plot and brainstorm the entire chapter from beginning to end. This helped me to power through my word count the following day or so, and I think I need to continue that strategy moving forward.

Will Shaun make it to the final battle? Let me just say this: Did Frodo make it to the slopes of Mount Doom?

Well…with a little help from Sam!

Onwards! No – Gollum, get out of here!


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