Where Are We Now? – NaNoWriMo 2017 (Day 21)

I think we’re not in Kansas any more.

My brain has been working overtime. There were a few days where I couldn’t get out of my story world, and people around me definitely noticed. I seemed scatterbrained, but really my head was trying to think ahead to my finale of Super Dimension.

So, what does that mean?

Well, I took a day off from actual new words last night in order to collect all the writing I have done thus-far and compiled it into Scrivener so that I could see the big picture.

Surprisingly, I am farther along than I thought.

I usually get to a point in the middle of my books where I jump around and write scenes as they come to me. These are scattered documents in my Google Drive or on my iPad that are titled with scene names. I only have a rough idea when I get to this point where the scenes are going to go. They usually involve giving my characters crucial information for the finale while also throwing them some road blocks.

Once I have enough of these scenes fleshed out, I put them in the order that makes sense and then connect the pieces together by filling in the gaps in the prose.

This is almost the point of no return, and I’m thrilled to get there!

Word-count as of today is 42,768. I really need to hunker down now and get a few thousand words on the page. Now that I know where my characters are going for the finale, it will be relatively straightforward. At least, they think it will be…

Thank-you for sticking it out with me this far!


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