Into The Unknown

Okay, I know that’s an ominous title for this post! But, that is just what Tucker is doing in my latest chapter on RoyalRoad.

Tucker is finally making headway against Colton, the apparent mastermind behind all the strange crop destruction in both Castlederg and Sorrell. It’s time to get to the bottom of this mystery…literally!

What will he find? You’ll have to read the chapter to find out!

With the Christmas holiday quickly approaching, I plan on keeping up my regular chapter postings next week on Tuesday and Thursday, though this will require me to schedule a posting for Tuesday, as I don’t expect I will be doing any manual uploading after a food-hangover. We shall see.

If anything changes, I will post about it ahead of time here on the blog. Until then, I hope you enjoy the new chapter, and stay safe if you are venturing out to the stores for last minute supplies! I will be battling the legendary monster that is the stove as I try to make enough cookies to satisfy my family. 🙂


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