A New Beginning (New Orc Spawn Chapters)

There has been a lot happening in my imagination when it comes to Orc Spawn. New chapters are being drafted, and I’m plotting out roughly where I am going with this second volume. Of course, I knew where it was going before, but as I’ve come to learn over my lifetime of writing, there are some ideas that come organically as I draft.

One bit of the story that I came up with a while ago but have been holding onto was a prologue. Don’t worry – it isn’t a sprawling prologue! But, it’s a bit more about The Ancients and how they are playing into the overall narrative. I hope that it’s well received!

I also have a new chapter that brings Tucker and J.D. closer to getting to the bottom of the thievery that’s taking place at Thorne Manor. Give it a read if you are looking for more LitRPG fun. As with all the previous chapters, it’s free on RoyalRoad.

There’s snow falling here, so wish me luck on my drive! It’s crazy out there!


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