Here is a collection of exclusive excerpts from my works. I hope you enjoy!


The Entity (Series)

Episode One Excerpt

Episode Two Excerpt

Episode Three Excerpt

Episode Four Excerpt

Episode Five Excerpt

Episode Six Excerpt

The Spectre (Series)

*Author’s Note:

I originally started this series as a follow-up to The Entity, however, I ran into some problems with the plot and it wasn’t living up to what I originally intended. Though far from dead, I am planning on reworking the story and publishing this officially as a complete single novel in the future. More info on that to come! But, for now, enjoy these peeks into a WIP.

Episode One Excerpt

Episode Two Excerpt

Lockwood Tower

*Author’s Note:

This prologue is a first-first draft. I have since heavily revised the prose and the structure, but it serves as a teaser for my forthcoming novel. Take it with a grain of salt, all the way from the shores of Castlederg!

Prologue Excerpt

Chapter Two Excerpt


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